Aspects of Brough

Images of Brough

The most frequent mention of Brough is usually broadcast during a traffic report along the lines of "The A66 is closed between Brough and...."

It is our intention to provide Images of Brough in a variety of ways including seasonal photographs, artistic endeavours and impressions of local events from time to time. Please come back to enjoy the experience and see what our village has to offer the tourist and casual visitor – the following is a sample of the Brough in which we live and work.


The smaller photographs above are : Swindale Beck, Brough Castle, Winter View, Swindale Wood, Brough Clock Tower, Waterfall in Brough and below Thornthwaite. They were taken by Tony Lyons.

The slightly larger photographs above are Brough Castle, the Pennines to the north of Brough and Fox Tower in Helbeck Woods by David Yeadell.

The drawings of Brough Castle are by Mr Ed Thomas, Warcop.


2010 Snow

Winter started early here in 2010. It was fun at first but, after a while it became hard work. It looked pretty in time for Christmas, as this photograph shows:


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